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ISE 2017 SHOW REPORT 15. February 2017/in Trade Fairs & Road Shows, News, References

2013-10-25 14:04:14

The 14th edition of ISE or Integrated Systems Europe took place at the RAI Exhibiton Center in Amsterdam from 07.-10. February 2017. By now the biggest exhibition for the Pro AV industry, this year’s show has been a resounding success with over 70 000 attendees from more than 150 countries, showing the global orientation of the ISE.

The focus of TW AUDiO’s product presentation at the stand was on the models of the new installation series.
For example the T20i, a 2 x 10”/1,4” HF point source loudspeaker specially designed for the installation market. The inherent design of the T20i offers an enviable Constant Horizontal Dispersion (CSD), both in horizontal and vertical axes allowing deployment in both orientations without compromise to coverage or dispersion characteristics.

Audiophile performance is guaranteed with the T30i, a 2 x 15” LF/1,4” HF wideband installation loudspeaker in a 90˚ x 50˚ variation. It offers the designer and installer a chance to utilise a standard size point-source loudspeaker with an “integrated” subwoofer. For applications in arenas, concert halls or coupled with the dedicated S17i subwoofer a powerful system for DJs in clubs. A cost effective solution delivering superior audio performance for the footprint.

Another highlight of the new i-series is the vertical array VERA20i, a 2 x 10”/1,4” HF array together with the VERA S17i a powerful and flyable subwoofer with nearly invisible rigging parts.

For TW AUDiO it was a very successful premiere at ISE in Amsterdam. A lot of new contacts have been established at the stand and the existing network expanded.
A big thank you to the numerous visitors and guests who came to see us and for the intensive talks we had.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Prolight+Sound from 04.-07. April 2017 in Frankfurt.

Your TW AUDiO exhibition team

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